Music Crush Monday

Piece by piece I have been putting pieces together for myself. I’m not sure if they are fit together as they once were. But you know what? I kinda like me. I think I can be better, I think I can do more, I’m certain I’m not done with the pieces. I used to believe that I was a broken mess…my heart shattered and the pieces of it lost or hidden. But I think I’ve had all my pieces all along. I may have forgotten where I put them, but they were there waiting for me to want them again. For me this song represents not the brokenness of hurt and pain but rather the realization that a different choice can be made by ME. I have no control over others, only myself. I will choose who I am. I will first love myself and everything else will fall into place. For everyone who struggles with self-worth based on past mistreatment or trauma…you got this…baby steps…piece by piece you are whole.

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