Music Crush Monday

The bond between mother and child is a bond that cannot be broken. It doesn’t matter if the relationship is toxic or not…sometimes we all want MOM and everything that comes with her. Let’s face it…I have felt hurt and betrayed by my mother over the years, some it surely deserved and some just part of life. And goodness know now that I’m a mother I certainly see ways that I’ve deeply hurt my mom over the years. But those hurts don’t change a thing as far as the love that I feel for her. Most of our mothers gave and gave up much for each and every one of us. That certainly couldn’t have been easy for them…just as it isn’t for us (if you’re a parent you understand what I mean). But the reality is that as mother’s we would do anything for our children. We would give up most anything for them. It’s just how we’re made. It’s the way it’s supposed to be. And it’s all worth it, because that’s what true love is. It doesn’t matter if our child never understands, appreciates or knows why we did what we did…we just do it.

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