Music Crush Monday

Who of us hasn’t gone through changes. And I’m not talking about changing your underwear…I’m talking about the kind that change how you look at things, how you behave, how you speak, how you act, and how you live your life in general. We’ve at found our way once, twice or several times so far in our lives. I kinda think that the way it will continue to go until the day we die. The changes we face can sometimes feel overwhelming and even lonely…but the bigger picture, if we can back up far enough to see it, is truly a beautiful thing. Our understanding of life opens up and we learn and grow as we need to. We don’t need to force it. We don’t need to try to have everything figured out. We can rest easy in the knowledge that we will get where we’re going one way or another. We’ll learn what we’re supposed at some point. There will be ups and downs, people will come and go. Each day, each moment is a choice and we get to make the choices. Life is good and the best is yet to come.

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