Music Crush Monday: Attention

Music Crush Monday:

This song title grabbed my “Attention” this morning. 

I think in one way or another and to greater or lesser degrees our desire for attention causes our sense of peace and “all is well” to go up in smoke. Whether it is directly or indirectly that we want to be recognized or accepted or enough or worthy…whatever word you want to put on it…the expectation or label that WE place on that causes our feelings.

Happiness and fulfillment doesn’t happen when we reach a certain weight, or age, or career goal.

It doesn’t come from owning a certain vehicle or home or having a certain amount of money in the bank. And it certainly is attained by any other person’s love or acceptance of us.

It’s an inside job and we are in control of it.

Choose happiness…always…find the good in everything.

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